How to Write SEO Friendly Article

What do you know by the term “SEO”? SEO means as Search Engine Optimization. A website is not complete with poor Search Engine Optimization. Every day 10000 of websites are Index to Google/Bing or any search engine. And Search Engine filters the result in particular keyword and provide them Ranking. Google is the top search engine in the world… Read More »

How to Balance a Chemical Equation

Chemistry is the branch of Science which deals with the study of chemical, and its properties. Balancing a chemical equation is really difficult for students. Now you don’t need to remember those long chemical reactions or equation. Using some real quick tricks maximum chemical equation can be balanced easily. To balance a chemical equation, it is very difficult without… Read More »

Mercury Thermometer -Advantages and Disadvantages

Mercury Thermometer is a device used to measure the hotness or coldness of the body. In other words, it is a device to measure body temperature. Mercury Thermometer is very common in labs. Mercury plays major role in the calculation of temperature in this device. Working Method of Mercury Thermometer: The lower end of thermometer contains a glass… Read More »

De Morgan’s Theorem Proof (Both)

De Morgan’s Theorem A mathematician named DeMorgan developed two theorems in the law of algebraic expression named” De Morgan’s Theorem. It use graphical symbol known as circuit to prove these theorem. These theorems are used in today world for developing many electronic circuit. Every electronic devices are firstly developed by using simple figure in the form of these theorem… Read More »