How to Write SEO Friendly Article

By | March 28, 2017

What do you know by the term “SEO”?

SEO means as Search Engine Optimization. A website is not complete with poor Search Engine Optimization. Every day 10000 of websites are Index to Google/Bing or any search engine. And Search Engine filters the result in particular keyword and provide them Ranking. Google is the top search engine in the world so, ranking in google search engine is really difficult. SEO is specially divided into 2 parts:

  • OnPage Search Engine Optimization
  • OffPage Search Engine Optimization

This article will help you to build your website ranking using On-Page SEO techniques. Under On-Page Search Engine Optimization there are many terms like website speed, Social Presence, Content. The Content is the still boss for on-page Search Engine Optimization because website with good content gets good position on Google Search Engine. Website with good content gets good reputation on the internet and many visitors too.

Good Content For SEO?seofriendlyarticles

Writing blog article is not a hard task but writing article which is SEO friendly is really difficult. Many people are paying 5-10$ per article for SEO friendly Articles. In this article, I will be describing you all about SEO friendly writing. Website with good content gets major priority in google and many other search engines. Search Engine rank websites according to content quality. Website Ranking depends directly on the quality of the article. Articles get rank in google according to quality of their articles.

Some major points that are included in Good Content for SEO:

  1. Focus Keyword
  2. Proper Article Lenght
  3. Correct Spelling and Sentences
  4. Images with Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword

For writing SEO friendly article you must figure out some focus keyword because those particular words explain your articles. Articles without any focus keywords are hard to rank and they are boycotted by the search engines too. According to Google’s SEO Expert Robot (Panda) focus keyword density must be 2.5%-3%. Articles with focus keywords on first paragraph, Middle paragraph and at end of the articles are know as perfect keyword positioning.

Proper Article Length

Articles with good length get more priority than the articles with short length because the length plays main role in Search Engine Optimization. The minimum length for good quality content is 300-500 words. Articles having proper length get proper ranking results.

Correct Spelling and Sentences

Spelling and correct grammatical sentences play major role in Search Engine Optimization. Content with correct Spelling and Sentences are easily recognized by google and get’s index easily. Search Engines rank content according to correct spelling because articles without correct spelling are meaningless to Search Engines Robots.

Images with Focus Keyword

Images are very important for SEO friendly articles because google gets many information form images. It describes about the articles and type of articles. Use focus keyword in Alt of Images which directly helps in Google Ranking. Images makes the articles attractive and easy to understand.

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